Commandant Message

It is a matter of great pride and immense pleasure for me to be the Commandant of this prestigious institution. CCM will play a vital role to eradicate ignorance, poverty, unemployment and annihilation of different crimes from the society. Cadets are being groomed under the supervision of well-qualified and well-experienced faculty members. Curricular and co-curricular activities mainly focus on personality grooming, character building and enhancement of Cadets potentials. Besides physical and intellectual enhancement of the Cadets, it will result in nurturing reliable Army officers, best doctors, efficient engineers, scholars, lawyers, judges, civil servants and above all responsible, useful and clear-sighted citizens. To achieve this end, the College comprises of well-equipped science labs, digital computer lab and a rich library having more than 11000 books along with an e-library having thousands of digital books. We are honestly struggling with the optimistic thought that when these Cadets will be graduated from the College,  the parents will not only have well-groomed sons but our nation will have well-disciplined, broad-minded and trustworthy members in all walks of life. I wish CCM progressing day and night and confident that after few years it will be enlisted as one of the best Cadet Colleges of the country. Efforts are in hand and no stone will be left unturned to make it the best In Sha Allah.